What are the advantages of ownership in a fractional property?

As an owner at Les Saisons, you enjoy all the benefits of owning a beautifully appointed residence with impeccable service and amenities without worrying about maintenance and upkeep, all at a significantly lower cost than full time ownership of a second home.  

What do I own?

You are purchasing a real estate interest in a Les Saisons residence. Technically this is an undivided, one-eighth ownership interest as tenants-in-common in one of the twelve residences along with common areas, evidenced by a fee simple deed. Also included is an exclusive right to the use of the residence during a specified number of weeks pursuant to established reservation procedures.

How does the reservation system work?

Each Les Saisons owner is entitled to five weeks of planned time per year.  Reservation requests are submitted semi-yearly for the following Winter or Summer season. The reservation system is based on a rotating priority system with owners rotating in position over an eight-year cycle. This guarantees fair and equitable scheduling for all owners. There are opportunities for additional Space Available reservations, subject to established policies and fees.

Can I stay for consecutive weeks?

Yes.  Owners may request two or more weeks consecutively, subject to the reservation system rules.  In addition to consecutive week stays, space permitting, owners can reserve more than one residence simultaneously for family reunions or large gatherings.

What happens if my schedule changes and I cannot use my weeks?

You may send family or friends to enjoy your residence during your Planned Vacation weeks, deposit the week with the Registry Collection or Third Home (membership required) or request that Les Saisons assist you in renting your week.

Will owners always stay in the same residence?

Not necessarily. To provide more availability and flexibility, owners have equal access to the residences in their designated ownership category. Owners may request a specific residence and this request will be granted whenever possible.  All residences are identical except for the location.

Can owners leave their personal belongings at Les Saisons?

Yes. Les Saisons provides an on-site, secure area to store a limited amount of recreational equipment, clothing and personal items. These items will be placed in your residence/lockers prior to your arrival.

Can ownership be held by families or business entities?

Yes. Les Saisons interests can be jointly owned by more than one individual or couple; or by an LLC, partnership, corporation or trust.

Who controls the affairs of Les Saisons?

An owner-elected Association Board of Directors oversees the business affairs of Les Saisons, including the approval of the annual operating budget and assessments.

What is provided for in the Annual Assessments?

The annual assessment pays for your proportionate share of costs normally associated with homeownership such as utilities, property taxes, insurance, maintenance and reserves for major repairs and renovation, as well as valet, housekeeping and concierge services and resort administration expenses.  The annual assessment is paid either quarterly by check or monthly by enrolling in the automatic withdrawal program.

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